EAGLE DMS302.pdf

DMS302 Dual Cylinder Scale

The Eagle Microsystems Model DMS302 is a mechanically actuated dual cylinder scale for weighing compressed gas cylinders such as 
for chlorine and sulfur dioxide. It is a true high accuracy scale with a three-beam linkage system. The scale has two independent, solid PVC 
weighing platforms with dedicated, high-resolution indicators and mechanical tare adjustments. Materials of construction have been selected to insure optimum in corrosion resistance in the harsh water and wastewater treatment and industrial chemical feed environments. The DMS302 is the standard of the industry in cylinder weighing and is suitable for any compressed gas cylinder application within its dimensional and weight limitations.

EAGLE DCS302.pdf

DCS302 Dual Cylinder Scale

A rugged, dependable weighing system for two compressed gas cylinders, providing an independent, accurate and easy-to-read weight on each weigh platform. The DCS302 incorporates advanced features that eliminate most of the problems which plague similar competitive scales. The scale base is warranted for a full 5 years. The NEMA 4X-housed EI-2000 Dual Channel Indicator Transmitter is provided for local weight display and parameter adjustment.


EDS/MDS400 Drum Scales

The Eagle Microsystems EDS/MDS400 is a high quality, high accuracy single platform scale for weighing liquified gas cylinders, or drums or carboys up to 30 gallons with a diameter of 15 inches or less and weighing up to 400 lbs (182 kg). The scale is designed for the demanding environment of water and wastewater treatment facilities. The base is constructed of PVC, and only stainless steel hardware is used to assure long and reliable service in this corrosive environment. The use of a time-proven three-beam support for weighing means that the position of the container is not critical. Consequently the scale can be used for solids as well as liquids and liquified gases. The unit is available in either an electronic version (EDS400) or a mechanical version (MDS400) requiring no local power.

EAGLE WT3600.pdf

WT3600 Modular Weigh Trunnion Scale

The WT3600 Weigh Trunnion Scale is an easy-to-install, modular, electronic scale for weighing one ton chlorine containers and similar cylindrical chemical containers. Each weigh trunnion consists of two special roller trunnions, each of which is fitted with an environmentally-sealed, stainless steel, strain gage load cell, electrically connected to provide an output signal which represents the weight of the cylinder and its contents. Load cells are shock mounted in rigid castings to prevent overload and shock damage.

The weigh trunnions are factory assembled and calibrated so that field installation consists merely of aligning the trunnions and bolting them to the floor. Their modularity permits easy expansion of an installation's cylinder weighing capacity by the addition of one or more WT3600s.

EAGLE C3600P.pdf

C3600P Precision Ton Container Scale

The Eagle Microsystems Model C3600P Precision Electronic Single Ton Container scale is designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry. It is built with a rugged, corrosion-protected, steel box frame for years of reliable service. Weighing is accomplished using four precision, stainless steel, strain gage load cells to insure accuracy in excess of 0.1% of rated load. In addition, overload stops and all stainless steel hardware are standard on every scale. The scale is capable of weighing either chlorine or sulfur dioxide containers with a maximum capacity of 4000 lbs (1800 kg). If you are looking for the optimum device to control your expensive chlorine inventory, your only choice is the C3600P!

EAGLE C7200.pdf

C7200P Precision Dual Ton Container Scale

The Eagle Microsystems Model C7200P Precision Electronic Dual Ton Container scale is designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry. It is built with a rugged, corrosion-protected, steel box frame for years of reliable service. Weighing is accomplished using four precision, stainless steel, strain gage load cells to insure accuracy in excess of 0.1% of rated load. In addition, overload stops and all stainless steel hardware are standard on every scale. The scale is capable of weighing either chlorine or sulfur dioxide containers with a maximum capacity of 8000 lbs (3600 kg). If you are looking for the optimum device to control your expensive chlorine inventory, your only choice is the C7200P!


HC Series Hydraulic-to-Electronic
Load Cell Conversion Assembly

The Eagle Microsystems Model HC3600/7200 Hydraulic-to-Electronic Conversion Assembly is an electronic load cell replacement for hydraulic load cells used in ton container scales. The assembly has no moving parts and is immune to drifting problems associated with hydraulic load cells. Used with Eagle digital instrumentation the assembly inherently provides the following basic capabilities:
• Digital displays
• Low weight alarms
• Direct interface to remote instrumentation and computers or PLCs
• Improved weighing accuracy

EAGLE lp4300.pdf

LP4300 Precision Low-Profiile Platform Scale

Eagle Microsystems Precision Low Profile Platform Scales are designed for applications requiring accuracies of 0.1% or better. The Precision Low Profile Scale can be used with liquids or dry powders, because accuracy is unaffected and independent of container positioning. The LP4300 scale uses a rugged, 4 load cell platform design with a 200% overload capacity. The LP4300 scale is easy to install and maintain. Leveling the LP4300 scale is performed from the top of the scale deck on, on site, with a screwdriver. The weighing surface is protected by a textured Polane finish. The load cells, leveling feet and hardware are stainless steel. Use with Eagle’s single, dual or multiple channel display/transmitters.

Eagle DS750.pdf

DS750 Drum Scale - "The Eliminator"

The Eagle Microsystems' Model DS750 "ELIMINATOR" is designed to survive in the hostile water and wastewater plant environment! It is a rugged, low profile, high accuracy, Type III drum scale. Clearly a superior design, the DS750 incorporates features that eliminate most of the problems that plague similar competitive scales. The solid, non-corroding, impact resistant PVC plastic base is warranted for a full 5 years. Paired with any of Eagle Microsystems electronic indicator/transmitters this scale is your most cost effective and accurate solution for chemical inventory control.


UWF Universal Weight Frame

The Eagle Microsystems model UWF Universal Weigh Frame is an adaptable design that allows the user to specify the best physical size to suit his requirement. The Universal Weigh Frame can just as easily be made rectangular, as it can be made square, making it suitable for rectangular hopper scales. The user can specify the optional shroud that will convert the frame to a floor scale or a shallow pit scale. Without the shroud, the middle of the frame is free of all obstructions, and permits the user to either run piping thru the center, or have the vessel extend thru the floor. The Universal Weigh Frame can accommodate flat bottom or conical bottom vessels. The Universal Weigh Frame is readily adaptable to vessels that incorporate three or four legs, or tank lugs.


LC-WA Low Capacity Weighing Assembly

LC-WA Low Capacity Weighing Assemblies are versatile hi-performance weighing devices that can be used for compression or tension weighing applications. They are available in 8 ranges from 100 lbs – 5000 lbs capacity. The LC-WA combines performance and quality at an economical price. The LC-WA base plate has a one inch diameter clearance hole, that permits the use of one-half inch diameter tension flexure rod for applications that require hanging the vessel in tension. For compression applications, an optional bearing plate and load isolator are available. The bearing plate allows one to attach the vessel foot or vessel lug to the weighing assembly. In many situations, this attachment versatility eliminates the need for vessel stay rods. The load isolator accommodates minor misalignments between the vessel and the weighing assembly.


TWA Tank Weighing System

The Eagle Microsystems Model TWA tank & hopper weighing assemblies are high accuracy devices. The assemblies consist of an electroless nickel-plated Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell attached to a heavy-duty cast mounting base. The weighing assembly can be bolted directly to the floor and the vessel without requiring extra mounting plates, load buttons or other attachment devices. The Model 65016 double-ended shear beam load cells are Factory Mutual System Approved for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations. Tank Weighing Assemblies eliminate the requirement for check rod assemblies and at the same time provide for the thermal growth and contraction of the structure. Also of significant importance is that the Tank Weighing Assemblies are approved for Zone 4 Seismic applications.

EAGLE WP1000.pdf

WP-1000 Precision Scale

The Eagle Microsystems WP-1000 Series Precision Weigh Plates provide a cost effective and highly accurate method of monitoring and controlling of your chemical inventory. The WP-1000 Series scales use a four-load cell design to insure maximum accuracy and reliability—and load positioning is not critical. Also, with the four-load cell design, leveling is less critical than it is for single point load cell designs. The weighing surface is solid, corrosion resistant PVC. Hardware is stainless steel and load cells are sealed to further insure resistance to corrosion and long life in harsh water and wastewater and industrial plant environments. Coupled with Eagle microprocessor-based display instruments, the WP-1000 Series weigh plates offers the maximum in reliable chemical weighing and inventory control.

EAGLE sc1000.pdf

SC1000 Spill Containment Scale

The SC1000 Spill Containment combines the benefits of a spill containment deck that helps you comply with both EPA Containment Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations, and a
highly accurate drum weighing system. The system captures spills and leaks up to 66 gallons while the integral Precision scale accurately and continuously weighs the contents of the supported tank so that you will have a precise accounting of your chemical inventory.

EAGLE EI1000_2000.pdf

EI-1000/2000 High-Precision 
Weight Indicators/Transmitters

The Eagle Microsystems Eagle-Eye Digital Display Indicator/Transmitters are high precision, microprocessor-based indicator/transmitters for use with any Eagle electronic scale. These instruments are also compatible with most electronic scales of other manufacture. The family consists of the Model EI-1000 Single Channel and the Model EI-2000 Dual Channel Display units. Large, bright LED displays and highly accurate 4-20 mAdc outputs scalable to any required range characterize both instruments. Both displays and outputs are continuously available. The user-friendly keypad permits the indicator to display: Amount Used, Amount Remaining, Total Weight, Gross Weight, and Rate by Weight.

Both units offer a unique Pushbutton Zero function and Calibration Verification which allows the user to verify system calibration every time the operator installs a new load on the scale. The instruments offer 5 modes of operation, ranging from fully automatic to full manual operation. In automatic mode the instrument automatically computes the tare weight and then displays the amount of chemical available. Rate by Weight offers the ability to compute and display the rate at which the chemical is being used as well as computing the time until the container will be empty.

The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure making it suitable for virtually any environment encountered in a municipal treatment plant. Alarm contacts and serial outputs are optionally available.

EAGLE RSD3000.pdf

RSD3000 Remote Serial Display

The RSD3000 is a large digit Remote Serial Display available in either panel mount, NEMA 4X or NEMA 7/9 enclosures. NEMA 4X is suitable for outdoor and corrosive wash down areas. NEMA 7/9 enclosures are suitable for Class I, Division I & II, Group C & D areas. The front panel display provides an exact reproduction of the scale weight or Rate by Weight using the weight data transmitted by the scale indicator, as well as scale status and relay output status. The unique Rate by Weight algorithm provides excellent accuracy over a wide dynamic range. Relay outputs can be configured to be active above or below the setpoint value. Dual serial data outputs echo the data input and can be used to drive printers and up to three additional remote displays. Ideal for chemical plants where typical applications include high and low level alarms, drum filing control, tank filling, etc

Eagle 7400+.pdf

7400+ Universal Weight Indicator

One indicator—many applications. Build your scale system on a solid, state-of-the-art foundation with the new 7400+. Whatever you weigh, a new technologically advanced Plus+Series indicator will exceed your expectations. The Model 7400+ delivers off-the-shelf compatibility and clean intuititve design. It is easy to use, yet packed with features and technology that sets it apart from the competition. It is the choice for replacement indicators, system integrators, and for any weighing system from Bench Scales to Truck Scales. It is one indicator that does it all!

Eagle 7600E.pdf

7600E Digital Indicator

POWER & FLEXIBILITY—The 7600E adapts to the most demanding applications with a wide range of outputs, options and features. No need for expensive programming or expensive set-up. The 7600E is one of the easiest to use, easiest to install, easiest to live with indicators available today! An ideal indicator for batching systems, bench and floor platforms, truck scale applications or as a replacement for most existing indicators.

EAGLE ECS1501_02.pdf

ECS 1501/02 Economy Cylinder Scale

Eagle Microsystems now offers the ECS1501 (single) and ECS1502 (dual) cylinder scales. They are specifically designed for the water and wastewater environment. The scale base is solid PVC with stainless steel hardware. A stainless steel strain gage load cell senses the weight. The electronic readout is encased in a NEMA-4X fiberglass enclosure. All standard functions are accessed from the front panel without opening the enclosure. The standard 4-20mA analog output communicates with existing or future SCADA systems.

EAGLE LP4310.pdf

LP4310 Economy Low-Profile Weigh Platform

Eagle Microsystems Economy Weigh Platforms provide a cost effective way to monitor liquid levels in barrels, carboys, day tanks and other containers. The LP4310 scale uses a simple, single load cell/hinge design best suited for weighing liquids in stationary containers. The LP4310 is easy to install and maintain. Leveling is performed from the top of the scale with a screwdriver. The rugged steel weighing surface is protected by a textured Poline finish. The load cells, leveling feet and hardware are stainless steel. Use with Eagle Microsystems all-digital display instruments.

EAGLE vf100.pdf

VF100 Volumetric Feeder

With the Eagle Microsystems VF-100 Volumetric Feeder you get all the features you need, plus much more. Compared to other feeders, the VF-100 provides more of what you want: better accuracy ... higher reliability ... longer life … more durable construction - and less of what you don’t: maintenance – no lubrication, greasing or oiling is required … no belts, gears, sprockets, or chains to maintain. The VF-100 is simple, reliable and hassle-free … and warranted for a full two years.

VF-100 Volumetric Feeders are designed specifically to meet the requirements of the water and wastewater treatment industry, and finds application as well in the chemical, pulp and paper, and other industries – providing accurate, reliable dry chemical feed in even the harshest environments.
Once you look at the features and advantages of the VF-100 you’ll agree that there isn’t a better-designed feeder on the market.

EAGLE GD1000.pdf

GD-1000 Gas Leak Detector

The Model GD-1000 Premier Series Gas Detector is a fast, reliable, easy-to-program instrument for detection of chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other specified gases in air. The GD-1000 is capable of responding to levels of gas in air over a range of 0.1-30 PPM. The unit consists of an electro-chemical gas sensor and a microprocessor-based alarm indicator unit. The sensor can be mounted in the hazardous area, while the monitor remains in a safe area, protecting the operator from exposure to the hazardous gas. The operator is alerted to the hazardous condition by an audible alarm and flashing display on the indicator. The alarm indicating unit can interface with up to two sensors, each of which can monitor the same or a different gas.

Eagle RA1000.pdf

RA1000 Residual Chlorine Analyzer

The Eagle Microsystems Model RA1000 Premier Series Residual Chlorine Analyzer is an amperometric instrument designed to continuously analyze the residual concentration of free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or potassium permanganate in water or wastewater.

A sample of water or wastewater containing the target chemical is pumped to a reservoir in the instrument where it is fed by gravity to the amperometric measuring cell. A pH buffering agent is also injected into the cell. A small current is developed within the cell, the level of which is directly proportional to the concentration of the target chemical within the sample. 

The output of the cell is processed by an on-board microprocessor-based digital controller and the residual value is displayed on the LCD readout of the instrument. The digital controller transmits a 4-20 mAdc signal for recording or remote display and is capable of outputting a signal for residual process control via one of several modes including: flow pacing and compound loop control.

The dissimilar metal electrodes are continuously cleaned by PVC spheres which are stirred within the cell by a motor driven striker. This continuous cleaning eliminates signal drift and minimizes the need for recalibration of the instrument. Temperature compensation of the cell output is provided by a thermistor which senses cell temperature.

All control and calibration functions are digital and adjustments are made via the simple, user friendly, 4-pushbutton keypad on the face of the instrument. The controller display is a 2-line by 16-character backlit LCD. All operations and calibration adjustments are menu driven through this display.